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My gorgeous wife has to be the luckiest girl in the world. I know what you’re all thinking, and no it’s not because she married me, I have my flaws ;) She’s lucky because she got to have 3 maternity sessions. Benefits of being a photographer. I can only imagine how many photos we’re going to have of our little girl as she grows up. We spent the holidays in Florida and came across the beautiful Bradenton Beach. We couldn’t resist grabbing a few quick shots of Nat’s growing belly.


Love that hat.


Then we came home to winter and I decided I’d like to do a full maternity session with Nat myself. I wanted to do something we had never seen before.


Nat was once a competitive figure skater so we decided to take her back to her roots. We found a pond that was plenty frozen and had a blast skating around taking these pics….well she was skating, I was sliding around in the comfort of my boots!


I felt like I should be nervous watching her on the ice but I honestly think she’s more sure footed on skates ice than she is in normal life.

mattnnat-ice-figure-skating-maternity-pictures-03 mattnnat-ice-figure-skating-maternity-pictures-04

Her spins are my favorite to watch.



Yep she’s enjoying every bit of this :)


Nat’s parents sent us some mini skates for the session as well as a real pair of skates for when Baby T is ready to get on the ice with her mom.


Too cute!

mattnnat-ice-figure-skating-maternity-pictures-09 mattnnat-ice-figure-skating-maternity-pictures-10

Growing baby.


Classic Lancaster County pond.


Skating the day away.


Nat wanted me to be in a few pictures too so we had our friend Maryn take these shots for us. She’s super creative and talented. It was fun to see us through her lens. The rest of these pictures are from her with my editing.

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-03 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-04

That smile!


Baby bump.


Hey look, it’s me.


It was fun to have the shoot in our home.


It’s good to know she still thinks I’m hilarious ;)

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-09 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-10

Kiwi just had to join in, although she’s still a little wary of what’s coming very soon….

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-11 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-12



Mom, dad and baby.

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-14 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-15

We wanted to get a few in the city too, since we love Lancaster and it will be our baby’s first home.

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-16 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-17

Yep, we’re pretty excited to meet her!

mattnnat-maternity-pictures-18 mattnnat-maternity-pictures-19

Thanks again to Maryn for taking these shots for us! This has been such an exciting time in our lives and we can’t believe that any day now we’ll be meeting our child for the first time.

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    1. Florence Tilkin says:

      Waow MattNnatt … what beautiful pictures, It is so good to see Nat pregnant, I was hoping so much for you guys, it made me cry to Watch the pictures, you were such amazing DTS leaders, it is so good to see you building a family, I’d love to have coffee with you, I miss you .. all the best for the delivery, Joy, Peace, Love… Flo

    2. Ann Place says:

      Wow!! These pictures are fantastic! I tried to email the post to Melody, but it kept saying the image verification failed! Anyway, I know she would enjoy viewing them. Every single one is great. Matt, you captured some really special shots of your beautiful wife (and baby girl soon to make her grand entrance)! I can’t say enough about how remarkable the pictures are!

    3. Donna Ulrich says:

      Such beautiful pictures, for a beautiful couple!

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