My sneakiness and new wedding albums!!

post by nat

It’s Friday morning and I can’t seem to wake up. It’s been a crazy week recovering from our vacation… Not sure it’s supposed to work that way but whatever? I surprised Nat last week with a trip to Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon for our 5th anniversary. I’m sure she’ll be posting about it soon and giving me mad props! Cause that’s what a deserve… props… yea, mad ones. She thought we were going to church and then I just… you know what, I’m gonna let her tell the story:-)

In other news we recently received our very first album from our new album company, Leather Craftsmen. We’re super excited to announce that all our albums can now be upgraded to Leather Craftsmen. We love our coffee table books but if you’re looking for a big old thick like “Here’s my wedding!!” album, then these are for you. Leather Craftsmen are the best in the business. After all they should be since they’ve been doing it since 1942.

Here’s a few pics of our very first one. This album is in Black, which we think is classic and will still be in style 50 years from now. We love when our clients receive their albums, there’s nothing better than an album as a first heirloom. As we get some more samples, I’ll post more pics… Enjoy


Love the thick pages!


Here is the inside. It’s Maryn & Nathans wedding. A beautiful outdoor wedding!




this is an 8×10 album. We also offer them in 9×12 and 10×15.


The quality of the corners and binding is perfecto!


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