Mauritius North & South – Part 1

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Looking through our pictures from our time in Mauritius it seems quite impossible to show you everything in one post, so we’ll split it up a bit. If you remember from our South Africa post, South Africa was just a stop on the way to this island called Mauritius. And if you are wondering where Mauritius is, you are not alone. When my Dad first told us his company had asked him to work there for two years, we had to look up where they were actually going. Ok, first think Africa….then go to the bottom…..cross over some ocean to the right, now you’re in Madagascar….now keep going right and up a bit and you’ll find a tiny dot in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Yep, that’s it, that’s Mauritius.

Matt & I had the amazing opportunity to visit my parents in their new home and discover pretty much every part of the island you can access :) My sister was with us for 3 weeks and it was so great to have the whole family in one spot for once! So, here is what we saw and experienced in the far off land of Mauritius. Huge thank you to my parents for having us for four weeks, for driving us around everywhere and introducing us to your new friends. We love you and miss you and are very blessed that we got to be with you at Christmas this year :)

For part 1 we are going to show you the north and the south. Let’s start with the north.

The beaches were so amazing! We had seen a couple of pictures of the island before we went, but it was far more beautiful that we expected!

The water is crystal clear.

Normally you would expect to see palm trees lining the beach in a place like this, but instead there are pine trees everywhere and I for one like the contrast.

In many ways this island reminded us of Hawaii.

The brilliance of the water was so stunning we literally stopped every 5 minutes while driving the southern coast.

I mean seriously, I could literally sit and stare at this scene all day!

I was debating jumping into the water at this point, swimming over to that boat and declaring myself Mauritian.

One of the most southern points of the island.

Matt loved the roads!

A couple more views of the south.


Loving the rocks on this beach. Probably not so conducive for swimming, but perfect for the photographer in me ;)

These boats were way too conveniently placed, I was constantly making the decision between taking another picture or stealing the thing and running away!

Even the vines want to run away into to sea.

Matt saw this church on a postcard and we managed to find it at the perfect time. Just as the fire trees were still in bloom.

The train to nowhere.

After the rain.

Mauritius is known for it’s sugar cane.

And these trees were so vibrant.

Hey, there we are….proof we were actually there.

Pamplemousses botanical garden. Amazonian lilly pads.

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