Mauritius East & West – Part 2

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Part 2 of our Mauritius trip covers the east & west attractions. Mom & Dad live in the south western part of the island so we spent a lot of time in the area and got to know their new home pretty well I think. My favorite part of where they live is not only are they only a 10 min walk from the beach, they are also on the western coast, which means sunsets!

The view of the south western part of the island from Le Chamarel.

Lunch on the mountain.

The colored earth.

Just a few minutes from where my parents live you can watch them gather the salt.

They fill the buckets almost every day.

My husband is a pretty great photographer and this is one of my favorite scenery shots he’s ever taken. It makes me extremely happy :)

Driving along the eastern coast we found the waves and a ton of lava rock.

We watched these waves for quite a long time and just enjoyed the coolness of the water.

Ok, so let’s talk paradise shall we?!


One of the highlights of the trip was going parasailing :)

And this was our view from above.

And then we found one….a single palm tree on the beach, we were excited because most of the trees are pine.

I’m on a boat and….I’m going fast and…….if you know where I’m going with this we’re already friends ;)

Just can’t get enough of this water! I wanted to bottle it up and bring it home.

Nemo! Ok, so this wasn’t taken underwater, he was swimming around in an aquarium. But I have to say that the snorkeling was phenomenal, better than anywhere I have been.

Oh, and here I am snorkeling…..and apparently I’m so crazy about matching I chose my suit to match the water.

The Dolphins.

A little chunk of lava rock jutting out of the water makes for quite the attraction.

And yes we did get some dreary weather, but somehow everything was still beautiful.

We went to a park called Casela and got to interact with a few animals.

The Peacock.

The Tortoise.

The Zebra.

And now for the cats.

The Tiger

‘It’s so hot guys, I’m just gonna take a nap’.

The Lions.

My family :)

Sunsets, I love them but they always make me a little sad that the day is over.

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