(mattnnat) Update – Matt’s health, a blogging hiatus and a super cute ending

post by nat

*Warning – you are about to read the longest written blog post I have ever published…..maybe grab a coffee first ;)

I’m sitting here late on a Monday night processing many different things that have been going on in our lives over the past few weeks. This  post is an attempt to consolidate those thoughts and let you know that we haven’t forgotten about our blog readers during this season, we simply haven’t had the energy to write and edit and post!

Two weeks ago Matt came down the stairs complaining of a fever and a rash that just would not go away. A week earlier he had gone to the Dr to get something for an ear infection that wasn’t going away. After just two pills he broke out into hives and stopped taking it. Over the course of the next week he was prescribed a new antibiotic for the ear infection, the rash steadily got worse, was prescribed some steroids to clear up the reaction, and seemed to get a bit better. Then over the weekend became increasingly uncomfortable and irritable. Monday morning, after confirming he also had a fever and telling me he just couldn’t calm down we got a Dr’s appointment for that night.

Thankfully I was on the phone with a friend, desperate to find some help with house work, cooking and someone who could watch Keziah so that I could finish all of our work in just 10 days. We were excited about our upcoming trip to Canada for Christmas to visit my family and show our sweet little girl off. While I was on the phone with our friend, she asked how Matt was doing and got me to describe some of his symptoms. Having a medical background she urged me to take him to an Urgent Care as soon as possible and not to wait for our scheduled Drs appointment that night.

And Oh, My, Word am I glad that we listened to her!! We arrived at Patient First about 11am, and as soon as the Dr saw Matt things started flying. An Epi Pen came out, all kinds of other meds, an ambulance was called and Matt started to see black spots as his airway was closing. After a huge panic and a call to my brother in law to come get Keziah and I to take us to the hospital to be with him I felt totally stunned at the events that had just happened. His anaphylactic reaction to Amoxicillin was a huge shock to the system and very hard to understand since it took so long to get to that point. But let me tell you, I am so glad it was such a delayed reaction and that we were in the right place when it was on the verge of being too late.

Matt was in the ER, and the IICU until Wednesday night and then he got to come home with us, still very much covered in hives/rash head to toe and still very swollen, but out of danger. We had just 6 days to be ‘ready’ to go to Canada. We took everything one day at a time. My mom actually flew out to be with us and help me for that week, we had other friends and family checking in on us, babysitting Keziah helping us in any way they could. And by some miracle the work got finished, the house is in one piece, we packed what we needed and we got on a plane Wednesday morning (sort of) ready for time off this Christmas season.

Matt is still recovering. In fact this is the first day that he hasn’t taken a 3-4 hour ‘nap’ in the afternoon. Unfortunately we came to a very dry climate so that itchy skin is hanging on, but he’s no longer swollen or purple! Keziah and I are very much enjoying the company of family and the extra help we get so that I can de-stress after the intense 3 weeks we just had.

So, why am I writing all of this? Well, for two reasons;

1. We want to say thank you so much to everyone who helped us out in this time! We were totally overwhelmed by the support and care we received. Those near and far who sent messages, thank you!

2. Also many of you will know that we typically do a 12 Days of Christmas series on our blog. This year we have decided that it is too much and we will be taking a hiatus from the blog until January. We need this time to rest & refresh. We’re super excited for what 2015 holds, we’ll be okay if it’s not quite as eventful as this year has been though. We’ve got so many great weddings and fun couples to work with this year that we can’t help but be excited. We’ll still be on Facebook and Twitter, and of course will be answering emails :)

We wish you a Merry Christmas! Hold your family and friends a little closer this year! And to tide you over until January here are a few Keziah pics taken by our friend Nathan Desch :)