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Sweden was short, but oh so sweet. We stopped in for a visit with our friend Karin and we had a great 36 hours catching up with her and getting to know Jenny. They gave us the grand tour of Norrkoping, treated us to some amazing Swedish treats and shared a lot of laughs! Here is their beautiful part of the world.

Norrkoping is a water city.

I love the color!

This building (now a Museum) was built on a small island in the river.

I really love this city!

And once we had walked around the city, and had a fabulous lunch Karin & Jenny took us on a drive to see what their country looked like outside of the city.

The ice was melting and the sun was shining and it was just stunning!

Thank you Karin and Jenny for being so hospitable and for all of the yummy food you made for us!! Can’t wait for the next time we get to hang out :)

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    1. Sharon says:

      Fantastic city and pictures! The color of the buildings make for a lovely contrast with the wintery water. So unlike our Northern towns.

    2. Karin & Jenny says:

      Wow, such amazing pictures!!
      You really caught the beauty of our city and landscape.
      Thank you for all the laughter and joy!!
      Love and hugs
      Karin & Jenny

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