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We arrived in Sevilla on a Thursday afternoon just as the rain stopped. We admired all of the orange trees as we walked to our accommodation and noted that we should definitely get some pictures of them the next day. After we had gotten settled we went out for some Tapas and Sangria before getting to sleep early in preparation for exploring the city the next 3 days. We woke up to a beautiful day and decided to walk to Plaza de Espana through Maria Luisa Park. Along the way we noticed they were picking the oranges off of the trees already!! We grabbed a couple of quick shots before they made it to these trees.

If we had so desired we could have gotten a horse driven carriage ride through the park.

This beautiful building is the Museum of Arts and Traditions, which we didn’t take the time to explore, but did enjoy the outside architecture and surround gardens.

Then we got to Plaza de Espana, and it was incredible! They still use it today for some government offices, but the entire area is open for people to wander around, or sit for awhile and enjoy.

It is a half circle, with a tower like this one on each end.

Look at the intricate tile work on the bannisters.

The Province Alcoves which line the walls of the plaza.

Quite the grand staircase!

Which led to a great view of the plaza from above.

I want this ceiling!!

And then we stumbled upon a photo shoot in action. So naturally we grabbed a couple shots of our own from a distance. Love her red gown, she stands out so beautifully against the brick background!

A close up of the details.

Even the sidewalk is something to take note of!

Matt noticed the rainbow as he walked over to the fountain to grab a couple more pictures before we made our way into the city.

Walking the twisty streets.

Sevilla is such a vibrant, colorful city.

We climbed the Metropol Parasol which is quite the controversial structure (due to it’s modern architecture in the midst of a charming old city), but we loved the view of the city from this point.

Here you can see the contrast of old and new, which I’ve said before I actually quite enjoy.

You cannot go to Spain without enjoying some Flamenco. We chose a small, but highly recommended venue called Casa la Guittara. We loved it! One guitar, one singer and one dancer who truly excelled in their craft.

The next day we went to the Alcazar. It is the oldest royal palace that is still in use! The grounds are absolutely huge, and we almost thought we wouldn’t have enough time to see everything. Everything is intricately designed, it is almost overwhelming walking into room after room imagining how it would have looked in it’s prime.

The courtyard where we entered.

Apparently you can grow orange trees however you want. Side note: We may have grabbed and orange to try…..which was pretty horrible tasting! We did some research then, which told us the type of oranges planted all over Sevilla are there because the trees have leaves year round and always look nice, but the oranges aren’t good for eating :( They will use them for marmalades and some wines.

Wandering the grounds, which included a maze :)

And in case you forgot where you were…..

Love this shot we grabbed after climbing into one of the walls to get a view from above.

Well that just makes our benches look boring!

Seriously impressive.

Floor after floor of pure art.

Chevron dates back awhile…

If you ever get a change to go to Spain we highly recommend Sevilla! We had the most wonderful time there, great sights, great food and great people :)

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