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Portugal was breathtaking! We arrived on a very rainy day and couldn’t see our beautiful surroundings as we made our way to the little village of Almocageme on the coast just above Lisbon. It was disappointing for me to be greeted with rain once again since this was one of the stops I was most looking forward to on our trip. But, I think it’s just what we needed. A day off, to relax, refresh and just hang out with our host Marianne, her two dogs and Sacha the cat.

The next day dawned with some fairly threatening clouds, but we could see the ocean as we quickly ate breakfast and prayed the clouds would stay away long enough for us to make it to the beach. Thankfully the rain stayed away all day and we got to not only see the beach nearest to us, but also explore the most western point in Europe, and go for a hike along the cliffs that line the coast. We would so love to explore more of Portugal one day!

Our first stop was Praia de Adraga.

I would have been thrilled if this was all we saw. It’s so stunning and peaceful! Absolutely love the sound of the ocean.

It’s wild and beautiful.

Just as we were walking back a couple of body boarders ran into the water so we stopped to watch them for awhile. The water was probably a bit too cold for me, but how fun does this look?!

Then it was off to Cabo da Roca, the most western point in Europe.

It’s a ways down…..

Seriously amazing coastline!

This is known as the ‘Howling Bear’. Can you see it?

We ventured out a little ways on the cliffs here, until we were stopped by a fence so we gave up and went for lunch instead.

The lighthouse at Cabo da Roca.

Then we went back to Almocageme to hike the cliffs above Praia de Adraga. The clouds were chasing us, but we managed to get in a good hike before any rain fell.

The scenery along our hike. We are on the top of the cliffs and still the waves below look incredibly forceful.


Their were brief moments of brilliant sun and warmth.

So apparently it’s no big deal to hike down a cliff to get the best fishing spot…..until you have to scale the rock wall with your rod and catch to get back home….

The day ended with a rainbow.

So to repeat myself, Portugal is stunning, beautiful, rugged, and the best part of all you pretty much get it all to yourself at this time of year :) And I just want to say a huge thank you to Marianne, our host, who let us use her car for the day to get in as much sightseeing as possible!!

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    1. Marianne H Burrows says:

      Great photos! (and yeah, the fisherman must be insane, hehe!) Thanks again for the good times we had, and I hope we will meeet again some day! Wishing you all the best for your future, hope you will have a wonderful life! Marianne (and Lucky,Bobby&Sasha) :)

    2. Shannon says:

      ok I want to go to there. and the fishing guy is insane.

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