(mattnnat) Europe – Luxembourg

post by matt

After we spent our first couple days of Europe in Brussels, we started our journey on the train. Our first official stop would be in Germany, but first we wanted to make sure we got to one of the smallest countries in Europe on our way. We had a short 2 hours in Luxembourg to explore the city. As it turns out that was the perfect amount of time to get some great photos, have lunch and get a good 2 mile walk in before sitting on the train again. It was a beautiful day, but the wind was quite cold, so we were grateful the sun was out!!

The first thing that caught our attention was this building. I did some research and it is the headquarters for a multinational steel manufacturing corporation called ArcelorMittal, which apparently is the world’s largest steel producer. Good to know…..

As you can see our noses are starting to look a bit cold :s

We walked down a couple of the shopping streets (we have a knack for finding the most expensive streets in every city we’ve been to), and found this church. It’s name is Saint Alphonse.

Just across from the church was this quaint little row of buildings, and of course the cobblestone.

As we were heading back over the bridge to the train station we saw the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A view of the city as we crossed the bridge, can you see the church built into the side of the hill?

Thanks Luxembourg for the lovely little visit :)