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Ireland. Stunning. Beautiful. A place that makes you feel at home no matter where you go. We had two weeks to explore this country of winding roads and stunning shore lines and good beer :) We thought two weeks would give us a good amount of time to enjoy Ireland and see all that it has to offer, but I think we can safely say we would go back just to spend a few days in each of the areas we drove through.

We were lucky to have sunshine almost everyday, which was incredible for taking pictures! Our B&B hosts were lovely and welcoming, always pointing us in the direction of their favorite pub for dinner. We stayed in two different castles, which really feels like you’re living in a fairy tale! And we got to spend St. Patrick’s Day in the town of Dingle, watching the parade with the rest of the town and popping into the pubs to get out of the rain when it’s started pouring down on us.

We kissed the Blarney Stone and we toured distilleries and breweries. We hiked up cliffs and chased sheep. We drove the Ring of Kerry and stopped in Northern Ireland to enjoy a beautiful afternoon by a lake. It was everything we had hoped for and the perfect end to our adventure.

Malahide Castle

Dublin – Touring the Jameson Distillery.

Dublin – Trinity Library. I have to say I was disappointed that everything is roped off and it’s really just there for observation, but it was fun to take pictures!

Dublin – The Guinness Storehouse.

The Sky Bar with the best view of Dublin.

We really had some incredible days!

Where it all happens.

I love it! I saw this gate as we were driving away and made Matt stop so I could get the shot I wanted. I think it was worth it…

Somewhere in Northern Ireland. We drove through part of Northern Ireland on our way to Donegal and made a stop at this beautiful lake.

A little ways down the road from the lake we saw a sign for ‘forest drive’ and of course we had to take it! It was one of the best detours we took.

Our first castle stay was in Lough Eske Castle located in Donegal. It was as awesome as it looks!

Sheep :)

The Slieve League Cliffs of Donegal.

Galway in the morning.

The drive from Donegal to the Cliffs of Moher.

There were just castles and castle ruins everywhere.

The Cliffs of Moher.

We walked along the cliffs for quite awhile, taking pictures and enjoying the spectacular views. It was very overcast when we first got there, so we pretty much had the walking trail to ourselves. As soon as the sun came out so did everyone else!

A close up of the cliffs and the gulls nesting.

The viewing tower just as the sun is starting to come out.


Standing on this point is not for the faint of heart!

If you look to the bottom left of the picture and see the boat it will give a good perspective of how high the cliffs actually are.

The Cliffs of Moher in all of their glory.

The beginning of our drive around the Ring of Kerry.

Beachin’ it :)

Ballycarberry Castle Ruins. Apparently haunted and surrounded by barbed wire…..clearly that didn’t stop up from exploring!

Sitting on top of the castle.

Pretty incredible how the trees have just rooted themselves to the ruins.

The theme of the trip was ‘exploring cliffs’ ;) These are the Dromgour Cliffs on the Skellig Ring Drive (an extension of the Ring of Kerry).

Everywhere we went the stone fences followed us.

The Skellig Ring Drive on the Ring of Kerry.

The Muckross Lakes, Killarney.

Sunset on the mountains.

And in the fields.

The Dingle Bay, St Patrick’s morning.

Chasing rainbows around the Slea Head Drive.

‘Two’ lane road.

Seriously gorgeous!

Blarney Castle.

Inside the castle.

Matt kissing the stone!

Views from the top (which is where the Blarney stone was).

Driving through the Wicklow Mountains.


And there ends our European adventure series. We start our 2013 weddings tomorrow, so stay tuned for some new couples featured on the blog soon!

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      Wow!!! The pictures are incredible! That’s the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen (and I wasn’t even there)! The complete bow one especially. Richard would love the castles(he might be a tad bit jealous over the fact that you got to sleep in two! The shore line shots and cliffs just make you want to visit there! Anyway, all the pics were fun to look at!

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