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You may have seen or heard that Matt & I are traveling around Europe for the next few weeks. We’re taking in the sights, catching up with friends and meeting new ones :) We love to travel, it’s definitely our hobby so these next few weeks are very exciting for us! Our first stop was in Brussels, Belgium. We only had one full day to check out the city, and I have to say ¬†we feel like we didn’t waste any time. We walked over 9 miles in one day and took in come incredible architecture, delicious food and learned about the city along the way.

Grand Place – it wasn’t the right season, but this is where they will display a carpet of flowers that will take up nearly the entire square! The architecture of the buildings is amazing, so intricate.

And it wouldn’t be a grand place without some gold ;)

The building is obviously under some restoration, but behind the trolley you can see Palais de Justice, which is absolutely massive! It is, as the name states, Belgium’s Supreme Court of Law.

Matt loves cobblestone, so sometimes he just captures the road :)

This little pop of color caught our eye as we were winding through the streets.

And around the corner we found the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, just as the last of the days sun shone down on it.

Here we have Manneken Pis or ‘little man pee’. A tiny and hilarious sculpture with many a legend to be told about it’s origin. Apparently it gets dressed in costume several times a week, and the one us tourists get to see is just a replica since the real one has been stolen more than once.

Just some signage as we walked through the city.

A crazy looking building we walked past just after tasting some Belgium beer and on our way to find some french fries (which the Belgians invented).

This is what I like to call the scared lion. He’s guarding the entrance to Brussels Park, just across the street from the Royal Palace so I’m not sure why he’s so scared….here is Matt’s imitation of the lion.

We didn’t make use of the public transportation in Brussels, but the trolleys were pretty cool.

I have no idea what this building was or it’s history, but it was eye catching with it’s intricate railings.

Brussels is known for it’s comics, and you can find many on the side of buildings as you explore the city. I think the one with the boy painting the wall is quite clever.

And there you have it, our short time in Brussels. Stay tuned for Luxembourg City :)

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