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Barcelona was one of our shortest stops on our European adventure so we wanted to make the most of it. We unfortunately didn’t have enough time to do everything on my list, but we had a lovely day wandering around and admiring the architecture, sampling some of the food and enjoying the sunshine after all that rain and snow in Paris!

The Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudi’s creations. Would have loved to see inside as well, but we just didn’t have the time…..oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go back one day ;)

Since we got there at dusk we decided to sit in the park across the street and wait until they turned on the lights, pretty glad we did!

The next morning we started out early and the day didn’t look too promising, clouds again. One of our first sights was the Arc de Triomf since it was just around the corner from where we were staying.

Our second stop was Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, which I was really excited to see, but if I’m going to be honest it didn’t live up to the hype in my opinion.

And then this building jumped out at us. Gorgeous!!

We walked along Las Ramblas until we got to the marina.

The sun shone and the sky was perfect for some great pictures in the marina. We sat on a bench for a bit, just taking it all in and enjoying the warmth.

Can you spot us in this pic??

There it is, the beach! How I love the beach :) Although it was much too cold for me to consider going in, we did watch some surfers having fun in the waves for awhile.

We had just finished eating lunch when we came across this place, which will be added to list of things I want to do next time we’re in Barcelona.

And then it was time to head back, so we wandered through the streets of the Gothic Quarter and got a couple random pics. It was somewhere along these streets I had the best cappuccino I’ve had this entire trip. It was delicious!!

And there you have it, our 36 hours in Barcelona.

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