Matt vs Tim Hortons

post by matt

So I’m flying off to Canada for the weekend, and in light of this I thought I’d tell you about Matt’s relationship with Tim Hortons. The Canadians out there already know, but for the rest of you, Tim Hortons is like our Starbucks, mixed with your favorite donut shop….but different. It’s just a part of our culture. The drive thru’s are consistently busy, you’re confronted with a line every time you walk into the store, you better grab a table as quickly as possible. I saw one in Ohio once and freaked out so much my friend Shannon nearly drove off the road…..that’s just the effect it has! It sounds crazy but it’s so worth it.

But Tim Horton & Matt, they mix like peas and peanut butter :s Every single time he has entered one (and believe me, it is forced upon him A LOT whenever we are in Canada) there’s been a problem…..but only with his order. They either don’t have what he wants, mix up his order and completely give him the wrong stuff or it just takes forever. Each time I try to convince him it’s just a coincidence, but it keeps on happening. I’m starting to think it really is a conspiracy!

When he really gave up on Tim’s was on vacation to spend Christmas with my family a couple of years ago. He wanted to get me a gift card so I could catch up with friends and family over coffee (which he HATES by the way). He wanted to do something nice for me because he’s the best husband ever, so when he tries to buy the gift card  they tell him they don’t take Visa. He says, ‘REALLY!? Who doesn’t take Visa?!’. They take MasterCard. But not Visa. So, without any cash in his wallet he tells them he’ll just have to go support an American company and promptly goes to buy me a Starbucks gift card instead.

Matt won’t be joining me this weekend, so I’m planning to enjoy myself some Timmy’s and time with my sister….without the conspiracy :)