Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

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Matt mentioned a few weeks ago about a surprise Anniversary trip….and I’m finally getting the time to write about it. We have been married for five years now and have been through many challenges and changes in those years, so this was a nice surprise to celebrate the years we’ve had together :)

So, it was a Sunday morning and Matt suggested going to breakfast before church. We randomly go to Oregon dairy, with friends of ours (bearing in mind we live north of Manheim & our friends don’t go to the same church). While eating the guys tell us that we have 1 hour to pack for the next 6 days. Yep, my Sunday suddenly changed completely!

We packed, drove to the Philly airport and flew to……New Jersey?! Newark NJ, not quite my ideal vacation ;) But there was more, they directed us to a different gate and we boarded a plane to Las Vegas!

After a long day of packing, driving and flying we finally arrived in Vegas where a limo was waiting to take us to our hotel (good work husband!). So, for the next few days we discovered Vegas, took in some of the sights and made our way through Nevada, Arizona & Utah to see both Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

I highly recommend the Grand Canyon to anyone who hasn’t been there, it is spectacular! We only had a short time there, but I’d love to go back and hike down, maybe try some rafting and then try to crawl back out!

A big thanks to Matt for being awesome and always up for a new adventure, love you! And to Mikie & Heidi, we had a blast with you guys.

Here’s some pics from our time out there, because I know that’s really what you were waiting to see ;)

On our way to Hoover Dam & the Grand Canyon…yes I am standing on a sign…
I’m not gonna lie, I highly dislike Ford’s….but a convertible cruising through Nevada & Arizona, pretty fun!
This picture proves how fast we were flying through the desert

Top of the Canyon
Apparently I am super excited about this!
A-mazing sunset
The desert is just beautiful! I was wishing for a bride or maybe a couple to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop! Anyone want to go to Arizona for an E Session?
My fave part of Vegas
Vegas Baby!
The Strip
Our accommodation…FYI it has a great Spa.

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