Lancaster Faves – Square One Coffee

post by nat

It’s snowing like crazy outside and honestly I love it! This kind of snow reminds me of my growing up years, piling up just asking to be played in. Matt’s out at his shop today playing with trucks, so I went out and shoveled our walk while Keziah napped :) It’s totally covered over already again, but I did try ;)

Snowy days always make me think of cuddling up with something hot to drink, so that brings us to the whole point of this post! Matt and I are asked all the time for recommendations for where to go in Lancaster, so I decided to start ‘Lancaster Faves’ to share with you our favorite spots and our favorite things in those spots.

Square One is just a couple of blocks from our house and has been a favorite of mine since before we moved to Lancaster. I used to meet up with my friend Shannon at all kinds of weird times due to her work schedule and talk for who knows how long about who knows what, and it was perfect! Square One is of course known for it’s coffee, which is great but if I’m going to be honest the Chai there is my favorite. It’s my go to and it’s always delicious.

So if you want to meet up with a friend for a great coffee, comforting chai or delicious hot chocolate or if you just want a quiet place to work this is the place to go. They even have a great outdoor area when the weather is right, maybe not so much today…..but check out Edrea & Matt’s engagement session when we stopped in to Square One for a few pretty pictures!

Stay warm friends!


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