July 4th

post by matt

July 4th is quickly becoming a favorite holiday for me! I’m originally from Canada and we celebrate Canada day on July 1st, so it’s a bonus to have it the same time of year…..but I think Americans just take it to the next level.

This years plans got a bit rearranged since we didn’t get our own fireworks on time, so it was a bit of an adventure getting to and from Long’s Park last night! We have our friend from Australia staying with us so he got to experience the best and worst parts of American culture ;) (cookout & fireworks…..and angry drivers stuck in the Park City parking lot for over an hour after the fireworks ended).

So, here’s some of my favorite moments of this July 4th.

Good ‘ol Coca-Cola in a glass bottle.


It’s not a cookout without sweet corn.

Our nephew decided the field of soybeans needed to be watered….from the kids pool water…love it!

Caught by the camera!

Red, white & blue

Baby kisses….our niece is gonna be trouble! look at her just grabbing him and pulling him in for the kiss.

Oh, he so knows he’s cute!

And our adventure to watch the Long’s Park fireworks….it was worth it for these couple of pics for sure!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m so thankful to have spent this holiday celebrating our freedom with friends and family! Love you guys.

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