Introducing Elouise!!

post by nat

Wedding season is almost upon us, but before we get into that we’d like to introduce you to our newest family member Elouise Corrinne! She made her appearance on February 25th at 9:29am. She was born on her due date but was still a tiny 5lbs 13oz. Our little peanut is slowly getting used to life on the outside and we are loving having her be a part of our lives. Keziah is loving having ‘Baby Elouise-y’ around and is quite helpful with tucking her in and giving her a pacifier…..even when she’s fast asleep ;)

We had a lot of fun taking newborn pictures of our little newborn. Special thanks to our friend Heather who took a few of the two girls and us as well!

Elouise Corrinne and her big blue eyes :)


Almost everything I got for her newborn pictures was way too big for our little skinny mini, but we made it work with a few adjustments.


She has long fingers and toes.


Although she usually has her fists all balled up. This cute little dress I found on Etsy as well.


That side profile is just soooo cute :)


As soon as she can roll I’m sure she’ll be a side sleeper!


Seriously those little toes…


So peaceful. I found this cute little hat on Etsy which happened to be named ‘Elouise’… naturally I had to buy it ;)


Daddy’s feet and our peanuts feet, just so darn cute.


My baby.


In Daddy’s arms. So fun that all of his ink is complete. His arm is filled with stories and she’ll give him many more <3


All cuddled up in her Saranoni Mini Blanket <3


Elouise means ‘famous warrior’ so we have decorated her nursery with arrows and I found this cute headband with gold arrows on it for her newborn pictures.


Daddy loves his girls in polka dots, so I got them all dressed up for a few pictures in the rat rod wagon he made for them. You’ll see a lot more of this at car shows this summer!


With her bunny, bear and lamb.


Keziah is so protective of her little sis <3


And she can’t wait for her to be able to actually play with her!


One more picture from a few days ago, our little girl is growing well and has started to give us a few smiles :)


There’s our newest member. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see brand new weddings, engagement sessions and personal pictures throughout the year!