I Hate(love) the rain

post by matt

I hate being un-neccessarily wet. When it rains I avoid going out as much as possible. The run from my house to the car, or from the car to wherever we have to be instantly makes me cranky. Now some people aka my husband LOVE the rain and everything about it. In fact I think if Matt danced he would actually go out and dance in the rain! Me on the other hand, I choose the indoors on days like this. I do love the sound of the rain, the way the earth looks after it has rained and the excuse it gives me to have that extra cup of coffee (because it’s raining…it’s ok).
So, here’s to rainy days, extra cups of coffee and mellow playlists that get me through these kinds of days.

Here are some fun new products we’re offering called float wraps. Similar to our gallery wraps these are not printed on canvas and come in smaller sizes. The metallic finish is just stunning.

I love the shadow that these float wraps create.
The metallic finish… amazing!
This one sits above Matt’s desk
This is how the corners are finished

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