Hot Rods or Heels – Baby T’s Gender Reveal Party

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Thanksgiving is one of my personal favorite holidays! It’s such a great time to actually reflect on all of the things in life we have to be thankful for. We tend to bustle through life without giving much thought to the fact that we live in a very blessed part of the world. So, this year as we celebrate everything we have to be thankful for, the number one thing on our list is the upcoming arrival of our first child!

Matt and I have been married for 8 years, and although some people knew children would eventually be a part of our life, I know some of our friends and family had given up on us ;) So, to have them be a part of the excitement we decided to find out if Baby T would be a boy or a girl at the same time as our friends and family.

Step one was to have our first ultrasound the beginning of last week. We told the tech not to tell us the gender, but rather write it down, seal it in an envelope so we could deliver the results to Jasmine (The Couture Cakery). She then made us a cake to fit our party theme, and we could hardly wait to cut into it on Friday night ;) Thankfully we had a very busy week, so we weren’t caught up in the anticipation and dying to know!!

Thank you so much to our friends Ben & Amy for hosting yet again a significant life event for us (including my bridal shower, and our PA wedding reception).

Jasmine of The Couture Cakery is just incredible at what she does! We gave her our theme and she came up with this gorgeous cake! Our colors were coral and navy with gold accents. I’m not the biggest fan of pink so we decided on coral and a navy blue. Thank you Jasmine!!


Since Matt restores old hot rods and I’m known for loving shoes (and have quite the heel collection), it seemed fitting to make this the theme of our party.


Another shot of that gorgeous cake and the dessert table.


Top of the cake, and my DIY paper fans for the backdrop.

Hot-Rods-or-Heels-Themed-Gender-Reveal-Party-Coral-Navy-04 Hot-Rods-or-Heels-Themed-Gender-Reveal-Party-Coral-Navy-05

The desserts :) We love us a dessert table with options! And note the drinks, homemade peach sangria….and for those of us who don’t or can’t drink….homemade blueberry lemonade, delicious!


I also made sugar cookies in the shape of heels and hot rods. And shout out to Matt for being awesome and creating the hot rod cookie cutter for me!!


We decided to create our own temporary tattoos for people to wear their vote for boy or girl :) It was a lot of fun! I’m also so thankful for Matt’s design skills, I mean the invitation was perfect.


Matt was a little undecided, but I voted girl.


Getting tattooed.


Friends and family! I want to mention Maryn (Maryn Lee Photography), the girl in the yellow sweater, thank you so much for being the photographer for the evening!! Also, can you tell who Matt’s dad is?! And best tattoo placement goes to our friend Loren!


Votes are cast, time for the reveal…….and it’s a GIRL :)


One more very important thank you to our friend Lani (Plum Salon and Spa) for making me look and feel great! Really, I love the haircut and although our nephew said I looked a little weird with all the makeup on, Myself (& Matt) thought it looked great ;)


Thank you to everyone who came! We had such a blast and are so excited to have you be a part of Baby Girl’s life :)

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