Happy New Year – Starting 2012 with a Bang

post by nat

Happy New Year!!

Last night we celebrated the New Year 9 hrs ahead of our friends and family back home. We’re in tropical Mauritius visiting Nat’s parents. Don’t worry, things are great in the future;) They took us to some friends of theirs to celebrate. Starting at about 7 PM we started to hear the rumblings of people setting off fireworks. At 8 the neighbors started setting theirs off. They went for 3 solid hours! These were not just fire crackers, they were the real dealio front row seat at Longs Park style. Then we went up onto the roof to welcome in 2012. The house we were at is up on top of a hill and has a killer view overlooking the city. This short video from Nat’s iPhone is a pretty terrible representation of how cool it was but check it out. Notice the sound and how all you hear is constant fireworks. The video is only after things died down and we thought to take it. After about 20 seconds it pans to the view overlooking the city. It was lit up for about an hour. I’m gonna make a guess and say we saw more than 100,000 fireworks going off in that amount of time! Definitely one of the neatest and most unique New Years experiences of our lives.

We hope your New Years celebrations are equally meaningful! So, happy New Year and here’s to starting 2012 with a bang.

Last week we kept seeing massive fireworks displays for sale in every grocery store and I remember thinking, “they must really love their fireworks here… lol”.