Halloween Costumes – Frozen in Time

post by nat

Ok, so that title may be a little cheesy, but hey, it works ;) Each year I take a little creative journey and try my hand at sewing. Last year our girls were still little enough they didn’t really have an opinion on what they wanted to be. This year, I decided it was time to ask them what they wanted to be ;) And so that brings us to their Halloween costumes – frozen in time. 

Keziah immediately shouted, “ELSA!!!!!” when I asked her and quickly added that Elouisey (her pet name for her sis) should be Anna. So here we go, my first princess costumes. I decided that they needed to be either something we already had and could use, or something they would be sure to use in the future. Tutus seemed the obvious choice, seeing that Keziah chooses to wear skirts, Even if it means she has to wear pants underneath a skirt to stay warm ;p 

Then, somehow I came up with the idea that I wanted to make them capes. But not just ones they’d wear for Halloween and that’s it, I actually wanted to make them so they would be able to wear them all winter. So, obviously I came up with a plan for a reversible cape that would be a part of their costumes, and then flip over for everyday winter use…..we’ll see if they actually want to wear them now. 

As with any sewing project I take on, I don’t use a pattern and ultimately get sick of sewing about half way through the project. Nonetheless, I complete them and go right back to my creative comfort zone, photography. I have to say though, I’m pretty proud of this year’s halloween projects. And I’m happy to say, so are the girls!

Halloween Costumes – Frozen in Time

Frozen - reversible Elsa Cape Frozen - reversible Anna cape Halloween Costumes - Frozen in Time, reversible Elsa & Anna capes

Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe trick or treating…..and don’t steal too much of your kids candy 😂