Family Vacation – Florida

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2013 was a big year year for my (Nat’s) side of the family. My dad turned 70, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and of course we got to announce the 2014 arrival of the first grandchild and niece. When my sister and I talked to my parents about how they wanted to celebrate, their only request was to be with the family. No parties or get together, just wanted to have their kids around them for their Christmas Eve anniversary. So, we decided to go somewhere warm! You see, my family lives in Northern Alberta and it’s pretty frigid around Christmas, so to Florida we went! We had a lovely time traveling around to the Keys, the Everglades and even hit up Disney for a day :)

We decided to take some family pictures on Christmas Eve since we were all dressed up for mom & dad’s anniversary and a Christmas Eve service. That afternoon we sat down for a homemade surf and turf meal that the four ‘kids’ had prepared. We had a wonderful meal and just as we finished had a knock on the door. At this point my dad had to deal with a very nasty property manager, yes on Christmas Eve, who would not leave without getting her way. Needless to say we were all a little on edge after that (and the problem wasn’t’ resolved until well after we all returned home), but we were determined to get the family pic and not let that ruin our time together. We ran to the beach racing against the setting sun….well if the sun had been out that day, found a spot quickly and 10 mins later had our family pics taken! It was quite the adventure ;) So here are all of our smiling faces!


Mom & Dad on their 40th Anniversary!


While were were traveling we also took some time to get some pics of my sister, Larissa and her boyfriend Eric. It was the first time we had gotten to spend a significant amount of time with them in quite awhile and it was fun to get to know Eric! Here they are in Key West.


On a beautiful sunny evening.


They both love the beach and warm weather!




After the beach we went to hang out by the docks and watch the sunset.


Making faces.




After the sun set the Christmas lights came on and we got a couple of fun pics with the Palms all decorated.


Another day during vacation we went to South Beach Miami and got some more fun pics of them.


Love this one of them, my sis is so pretty!


A fave.


We’ll end with a couple of fun pics with the Palms.


To my family, we had a wonderful vacation with you! And we’re so grateful we could celebrate our birthdays and anniversary all together this year! – M&N

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