DIY Camera Purse, No Sewing Necessary

post by matt

I’ve been wanting a camera purse for awhile now, but every time I’ve gone to order one there has been a roadblock. The latest one being that they don’t have the one I want in stock until May…..and I want one now. I realize that it sounds like I am being a spoiled brat at this point, wanting it and wanting it now! But let me explain why. Matt & I travel. a.lot. And when we are away on these journey’s we take a small selection of our camera gear, rather than the gamete of lenses and camera bodies and batteries and tripods etc. (that we must have at each wedding). But, we don’t have anything cute to carry this smaller load of gear around in.

Now, I know what you’re thinking….or rather picturing….Matt running around Europe with a ‘cute’ camera bag. Let me assure you this is not the case. For the most part Matt is the official photog on our travels and I am the assistant/iPhone-ographer extraordinaire. And I carry the bag. And I hate carrying the bag. Especially in tropical destinations. It’s a big backpack, it’s heavy and it totally messes with my tan lines.

Ok, before you really think I’m high maintenance let me get to the point! I decided it’s time for a camera purse and since I can’t get the one I want (right now!), I stumbled upon the idea of a DIY camera purse. I immediately went to Marshall’s, found a cute Steve Madden purse and viola! My very own camera purse, completed just in time for our trip last week and in a color that will guarantee my role as assistant….and Matt as main photog for our Costa Rican adventure.

What needed to fit in the purse:

The chosen purse:

The materials:

Fun with foam.

Now to figure out the iron….

So far so good…

Kiwi approved :) Our cat is such a girl – she loves purses and shoes.


Bonus: it all fits!

Finished product :)

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    1. Marlene says:

      I’m so glad I watched your video, it almost made me cry :’)

    2. Sharon Zatkovich says:

      Wonderful! Definitely a Natalie color/design and accomplishment!!! If and when things might slow down one day, another area of interest/work for you.

    3. Shannon says:

      love love love this!! great purse and you have inspired me to make one. i have no camera, or a need for a purse with compartments, but i want that feeling of awesome accomplishment.

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