Cookies in the Mail – Fresh April Flours

post by nat

There’s just something about getting a package in the mail, it totally makes my day. So today when Matt & I got back from a meeting and there was a little package on our doorstop I instantly smiled :)

Now, this was no ordinary package. This one was filled with deliciousness…..yep I’m just gonna go ahead and claim that as a real word. You see Lynn is one of our brides from a few years back who has started a food blog Fresh April Flours and it’s awesome. I’ve used her recipes a few times already, though not as much as I would have liked since I’m usually the only one eating my own baking in this house. There is an exception to that rule though when it comes to cookies!

A few days ago Lynn posted on her Instagram that she would be baking up some cookies and would anyone like a package in that mail. Of course I said YES! And she made good on that offer. Now, I must admit my heart sank a little when I saw the package because I had already seen on her blog today that she had made cappuccino cookies and she mentioned me in the post so I knew they would be in the box. Let me clarify, I was thrilled for myself that I would be indulging in some deliciousness, but as most of you know Matt HATES, and I mean HATES coffee anything! But never fear, Lynn is awesome and included a small bundle of chocolate chip cookies in there just for him.

I got some pics of the cute package she sent before we devoured the cookies this afternoon, even Peanut & Kiwi got in on the goodness. You can find all of Lynn’s recipes on Fresh April Flours. Enjoy!