Brand new eyes – LASIK

post by nat

I’ve had glasses since fourth grade, contacts since 7th and last Friday I went under the laser to say goodbye to both! I have wanted LASIK ever since I heard about it and Matt made that dream happen way sooner than I anticipated. We’ve been talking about it a lot over the past few years, but haven’t been able to make it happen. Well Matt decided that 2015 was the year.

We have a friend who works in an eye surgery center, so Matt talked with her about what it would take to get me vision with our contacts or glasses. Turns out I got in just at the end of an incredible promotion they were running with a new to LASIK eye surgeon and in the span of just two weeks I had gone from a first consultation to walking out of the office seeing the world with no extra help!!

I can’t quite describe how it feels to see with my own eyes, surreal is the only word I can use right now. I think the biggest thing I have to remember is to not stick my finger in my eye to take my contacts out at the end of the day!! Keziah has had a cough since the end of last week and has been waking up at night, so it’s pretty incredible to go reach for my glasses to go to her and realize they just make my eyes blurry!!

Huge thank you to Lynda for taking us through the whole process and to Matt for giving me a wonderful gift that I will cherish for many years to come….you know until I need reading glasses ;) If you are interested in seeing without glasses or contacts I highly recommend Premier Eye Care in Harrisburg. Ask for a consultation with Lynda Shrum!

Here I am a little excited to get on with the surgery.


Hanging out with my little girl who hasn’t been feeling well….. but I can see her ;)


PS. Sorry for the iPhone photos didn’t know we’d be capturing the event or we would have taken the real camera ;)