And Away We Go

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First of all I must apologize for the excessive amount of personal blogging these past couple of weeks! You see, we don’t have a lot of weddings at this time of year, so instead you get to hear about my woes of packing for a trip ;)

Here’s the thing, I LOVE to travel. I want to go literally everywhere in the world and whenever I get the opportunity I take it! Thankfully Matt is the same. Unfortunately for him, he sometimes gets left behind…..but I’m sure one day there will be payback! Just over a week ago my sister called me to ask if I’d come celebrate with her this weekend… Edmonton AB, which is in Alberta…..Canada. She did extremely well at her job last year and is receiving an award this weekend, so naturally I said YES!! Plane ticket was booked a few hours later and I continued on with my week. Fast forward to Thursday, which is the day before Friday, which is the day I leave. I often start to prepare before I go….but I never quite complete the task until, well seconds before we head out the door!

I literally freak out in the last hours before a trip. Doesn’t matter if it’s for one night or a month… will always find me in a panicked state for about 12 hours before the journey. I’m an absolute basket case trying to remember everything I/we need, packing for all of the ‘just in case’ scenarios….and always trying to fit just one more pair of shoes in my suitcase. Now I’m sure you’re imagining my already HUGE suitcase overflowing and much too heavy to be acceptable by now. But you would be wrong, I’m actually quite a light packer. Matt and I traveled throughout Europe for a month back in 2009, with just a carry on suitcase and our camera bag.

So, the question remains….why on earth do I freak out so much?! I honestly have no idea, and I can tell you that almost every time we go somewhere I forget at least one thing. But as soon as I walk out the door it doesn’t matter anymore. What was once stress and anxiety is quickly replaced with excitement and expectancy that this will be a great trip. And from then on, I have a blast!

I’ll leave you with that. Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for some photography related posts that we’re working on :)

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    1. nat says:

      Haha Mom! You’ve witnessed many of my stressful packing moments :) I tend to get it all done, but there’s always a few wrinkles ;)

    2. Sharon Zatkovich says:

      As Mom, I certainly can vouch for your last minute packing, even from your years of travel from home. But I have always been amazed at how much you can pack, in such a small amount of space, with so few wrinkles at your destination, nothing broken or demolished and the ability to be prepared for different scenarios along your journeys. I wish for many more exciting years of travel for you and Matt!

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