An International Wardrobe

post by matt

I don’t know how many times my sister-in-law has said, ‘I really like your (shoes, purse, shirt), where’d you get it?’. And then she gets very upset because half of my wardrobe is from outside the States. Matt & I have traveled a lot, but until we moved to Lancaster we didn’t have a permanent place to live. I developed a habit of buying one ‘souvenir’ from each place we’ve been too. I couldn’t buy something for our home, because we didn’t have one. I bought clothing, or shoes, or something else that was small and would remind me of that country often.

And since we’re talking international, I think it’s appropriate that today marks the day of our very first feature on a Wedding Blog….from the UK :) Congrats to Jennifer & Michael for their wedding feature on Rock n Roll Bride!

Here’s a look at my collection so far.

Slovakia Purse – from our trip to Slovakia to meet my relatives and see where my grandparents came from.

Thailand Sandals – Thailand is a place I am so drawn to and have been multiple times……if I suddenly disappeared, this would be the place you would start looking to find me ;)

Australia Beach Towel – Appropriate souvenir from the place we called home for 6 years.

Fiji Vase – Matt bought this for me on our way back to North America for our more permanent home.

Swiss watch – just had to do it.

Mauritius Shoes – So cute and summery.

South African Belt – It sparkles, but somehow still looks like the jungle :)

So, what’s your typical souvenir purchase?

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