12 days of Christmas 2011 – 12 Stunning Rings

post by nat

Today marks the first day of Christmas! So we thought we’d celebrate the season with some of our favorite moments, details and behind the scenes activities from our weddings this year. We’ll be attempting to post each day over the next 12 days (we may be a little off depending on how reliable the internet is while we’re traveling). Each day we’ll pick a corresponding number of things to blog as we count down the days. We’ll use a lot of pictures we haven’t blogged yet to keep it interesting.

One small disclaimer… We’re super thankful to all of our couples for trusting us to capture your most important memories!! These posts are in no particular order, they’re just things we loved and wanted to highlight.

Starting off today we have 12 of our favorite ring shots from this year. Nat really pushes herself each wedding to get a new and different ring shot. It’s something she does to challenge herself to continue to grow creatively and I love what she comes up with!

This picture was taken on a window ledge at the hotel where Tina & Jeff got ready. I has no color correction what so ever! The color was just perfect right out of camera.

Kiersten & Ross put a lot of time and effort into their details. We love the spinners!

Amanda & Jake – Sea glass on the beach.

Jess & Steve – Love this bush at Riverdale Manor.

Brie & Nathan – Stunning.

Hope & Adam, & part 2 – This one makes me hungry.

Heather & Shawn – The heart shape adds a nice touch.

Jen & Jim – Sometimes you just have to get closer.

Lindsay & Paul – When in doubt, you can always find some wrought iron work on the east coast.

Jodi & Jesse – Sunflower.

Ashley & Jared – The yellow surface the rings are sitting on is pineapple.

Tara & Cory Rings on a pumpkin.

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