Sunshine & Rain… Jessica & Steve’s Engagement Session in Elizabethtown

post by matt

Oh Sunday, how quickly your weather changed! We met Jess & Steve at Elizabethtown College, where they met and the day was beautiful and warm…..there were only a couple dark threatening clouds in the distance…

We walked around the college for a bit, hearing more of their story and catching up on wedding plans…oh ya and taking some pictures ;)

The lighting was great with all of the cloud cover!

The future Mr & Mrs.

Oh the love of an engaged couple.

Taking advantage of the beautiful scenery on campus.

Then we decided to switch locations to the train station (which has recently been upgraded and is super fun). And the clouds….they got darker….and darker…and darker.

Just beautiful Jess.

Oh the sky looks so beautiful here… can just see the edge of the dark clouds rolling in….

Do a little dance….

One of my faves of the day.

And another one….you can’t tell but it’s raining behind them.

Ring in the rain


A little more detail of her stunning ring

Look at those smiles :)

So, here’s the thing. It’s normal at the beginning of an Engagement session to feel a little bit awkward, and not really know what to expect (most of us aren’t very comfortable in front of a camera!). Then, as thing progress we get comfortable and things start really flowing. By the end of it you can’t wait till the wedding day. Well, I have to say that Jess and Steve rock! When we were at the train station it just started pouring…..and didn’t stop…..but we didn’t either! They were game for one of my most ridiculous requests yet…..

Seriously Jess & Steve, we had so much fun and I’m thankful that you were willing to amuse me because I think it was totally worth it! Hope the ride home wasn’t too wet ;) Can’t wait for your wedding :)

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