Spring has Sprung in Lancaster City – Emily & Matt

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Thursday was a beautiful spring day in Lancaster City, perfect for Emily & Matt’s engagement session. They are getting married in November in Illinois where they are from, but wanted to have their engagement pics taken here in Lancaster. Unfortunately we won’t be traveling out there for their wedding, but Lane will be.

Emily & Matt wanted to spend part of the session in downtown Lancaster around Central Market. It was a quiet evening and we had a lot of fun walking around getting to know each other and taking pictures. After a quick change we jumped in the car and went over to Lancaster County Park. Just as we arrived the sun came out and we had some lovely evening light to capture these two.

Emily & Matt we had a blast getting to know you and hearing your story!

This is just a block down from our house and I’ve been dying to use it as a backdrop. Emily & Matt were the perfect subjects :)

Love Emily’s smile.

Shoes + Accessoires


City Center.

They’re pretty cute.

And we made it to Central Market.

Spring blossoms.

Matt your girl is gorgeous!

Her fabulous ring.

Outfit change and some soft sunlight.

Wandering through the Garden of the Five Senses.

Him + Her

Making her laugh.

Sealed with a kiss.

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