School Themed Engagement Session – Lauren & James

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We met Lauen & James a couple years ago at Hope & Adam’s wedding. James was one of the groomsmen and Lauren his date :) Then last year we saw them again at Lindsey & Chris’ wedding, where Lauren was a bridesmaid this time. During the course of the day both of them talked to Matt, Lauren saying that she hopes to get engaged soon and would love to have us take their pictures and James pulling Matt aside at the end of the night to tell him that he has a ring and would be proposing soon and would be in touch with us after that! I have to say it was a lot of fun having inside knowledge of an upcoming proposal and we were thrilled we got to be a part of it. Sure enough James popped the question, Lauren said yes and we got that phone call.

They’ll be getting married next summer, but wanted to have their engagement pictures done while they were on summer break. You see, they met in school, not as students but as new teachers. Lauren was starting her first year as an art teacher and James was in his second year teaching geography. In that first year James learned that Lauren also like to stay fit and asked if she’d like to come work out with him one day. She agreed and afterwards also agreed to a swim race when they went to the pool. Little did James know that Lauren is a swimmer and after that first race, which she won, he knew there was something about this girl ;)

So here we are a few years later, they are still teaching at the same school, on their way to being married and Matt & I are very excited we get to be a part of this special time in their lives.

James has the coolest classroom in the school, so we started off their engagement session in Mr. M’s classroom.

They are adorable together!

Laughing is definitely a big part of their relationship.

Love the shimmer in Lauren’s dress.

Just hangin’ out in the hallway.

A girl and her guy.

They brought Marshall along do join in the fun.

Mostly he just rested, but every once in awhile we got him to smile too ;)

Love these next two <3

Lauren can certainly rock the serious look.

This is a mural that Lauren’s students made and is displayed in the school.

Miss D and Mr M

I really like the combination of their colors.

After the school we went back to their house to drop off Marshall and get a few pics of the two of them in the place they have made home. Their porch gate was made by James’ father!

Sittin’ on the front porch.

There’s those smiles again :D

The front garden.

With Marshall.

Had to get those gates in a few more pics.

Lauren’s bling.

He has one stunning fiancé!

Always a sucker for shoes.


Her engagement ring.

One more pic in their backyard.

Then it was time for another outfit change and into Lancaster city we went.

The colors they chose for the city are perfect!

Did I say how cute they are together already?!


Making use of the great city architecture.

Walking the city.

James and his wife to be.

Him + Her.

So sweet.

City skateboarder.

Then we ended our time on top of the Prince Street Parking Garage right at twilight.

Ending with a sunset.

Congrats guys, we’re really excited for next year!!

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