Lancaster Central Park & Downtown Engagement – Courtney & Adam

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Courtney & Adam get married in just a few short weeks! We were excited to meet Adam for the first time last week for their engagement session. They chose to come to Lancaster to take advantage of our little city and all of it’s charm. The weather was not always our friend during their session, but they were up for anything and we had such a fun time dodging the different rain showers along the way.

Adam used a planned trip to New York to center the stage for the big proposal last summer. Adam told her he had everything planned, but it was a surprise. He told her what to pack but didn’t give her any other details which drove Courtney crazy knowing there was a surprise just around the corner. They had talked about engagement but Courtney thought Adam still had to talk to her dad and wasn’t expecting a proposal.

The day they were leaving Adam told Courtney to put on a nice dress because they might have dinner with the family when they got to New York. As they were leaving Adam said that he actually had a nice day planned for them in Philly instead of the trip to New York (he was really throwing her off at this point!). They drove for quite some time and Adam instructed Courtney to close her eyes for parts of the drive, finally they arrived at Longwood Gardens! It was the perfect surprise as they had been wanting to go for awhile, so they enjoyed their walk around the gardens until Adam directed her to the Italian Water Garden. Adam had her turn away from him for a picture of her looking at the fountains and when she turned back there he was on one knee. Courtney was in complete shock! So much so she didn’t even notice Adam’s best friend and her own roommate following them around the park to capture the moment!!

But that’s not all, once they had a few moments to bask in the excitement they went back to Adam’s parents place where Adam’s parents and brothers plus her parents and grandmother from Germany were waiting for them! Courtney was thrilled to have everyone important to them so involved in such a surprise.

You would think it ends there right?! Nope. There’s more….a ‘pack your bags we’re going to Turks and Caicos for 8 days’ surprise! Oh.My.Word! To quote Courtney exactly, ‘I can’t exactly say I was sad to go to Turks and Caicos over taking the bus to New York ;)’. Yep, pretty sure I wouldn’t be too upset by that either :)

Right from the start these two were so easy to capture!


Love the colors they chose, and from what we hear this green will be making an appearance at the wedding too.


And this is why we love Lancaster so much, there are so many wonderful spots that we’ve never seen before every.single.time. we walk around!


And then you add a cute couple, perfection!


Courtney you are stunning!


One quick outfit change, some spring petals and the rain drops started….


But spring in the city….it’s so lovely!!


A ring and some raindrops :)


Sheltered from the rain.


A break in the clouds brought us to this beautiful spot.


Laughter always looks great!


So beautiful.


A kiss for the future Mrs.


Her engagement ring.


Avoiding the rain once again we made our way out to Lancaster County Park where spring was in full bloom <3




The trees were lined up so perfectly we just couldn’t resist.


In a world of their own.


Just a walk in the park.


Pretty details.


Courtney and Adam just started dancing as the rain started once again.


And it was beautiful.




After dinner and talking through all the details of their wedding day we went right to the center of Lancaster for a few night shots. Ironically we were actually hoping for some rain and it was no where to be found ;)




Some more dancing.


A twirl in the square.


And a kiss to end the night.


Very excited for your wedding Courtney & Adam! See you again soon :)

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