Hibernia Park Engagement – Elizabeth & Steve

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We met Elizabeth & Steve just a week before their engagement session. Since they wanted fall engagement photos we planned their session right away. They chose Hibernian Park, a place that has family history for Steve and some great places for their dog Belle to run! She’s still a puppy so taking pictures wasn’t exactly her priority ;) But we got some fun ones in the beginning and then took Elizabeth and Steve around the rest of the park for some great fall colors!

One of Elizabeth’s dreams is to have her wedding photos in a corn field…..well we found one and took full advantage of it for the engagement photos. We ended the session by the lake named after Steve’s grandfather with some stunning fall color as a backdrop!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-01

The adorable Belle.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-02

Cute little fam.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-03

Before she bit off her sign ;)

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-04

The manor that Steve’s grandfather lived in growing up. He was the first caretaker of the park and the lake on the property is named after him.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-05

Loving Fall.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-06

Steve & his girl.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-07

They laughed a lot!!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-08

A quiet moment.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-09

And back to laughing :)

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-10

A kiss.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-11

Elizabeth & Steve you really are a perfect match!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-12 lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-13

Autumn love.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-14

Boy & girl.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-15 lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-16

A walk in the park.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-17

You guys look fabulous!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-18

Oh so cute :)

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-19

S & E.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-20

A gorgeous couple.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-21

Yay!! Corn ;)

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-22

Beautiful couple, don’t you think?!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-23

This was Steve’s grandmother’s ring. ┬áIt was a promise ring he gave to Steve’s grandmother when they graduated high school in 1943. She unfortunately passed away on Steve’s birthday only a few months before he met Elizabeth. The family now says there was some kind of divine intervention that brought them together.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-24

A few portraits in the corn field.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-25 lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-26

Kissing in the corn.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-27

Her stunning engagement ring!

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-28

Ending by the lake.

lancaster-wedding-photographers-Hibernia Park-engagement-es-29

Congrats guys! We’re looking forward to finding more corn fields for your wedding next year ;)

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