Heather & Shawn Engagement Session

post by matt

I love E Sessions! We haven’t had one in awhile, so we were pretty excited about heading into Lancaster with Heather & Shawn. One of my favorite things about an Engagement Session is getting to know the couple. I also love hearing their stories and then just getting to capture their ‘couple personality’.

Heather & Shawn have been together since 9th grade! (That’s pretty amazing to me since I can barely remember my 9th grade.) They know each other so well and are so comfortable together. It was fun walking the streets of Lancaster and just getting a glimpse of their relationship.

It was a fun, relaxing evening with you guys. Thanks for choosing us, we’re excited for your wedding next year!

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    1. Mom & John says:

      Shawn & Heather, the pictures are really nice and very different than the regular engagement photos you see. The pictures are unique, just as you and your relationship are. Can’t wait to see the photos from your wedding and the memories they will show for years to come.

    2. Heather & Shawn says:

      We absolutely love the pictures!! They are amazing! I cannot wait to see the rest! We both had a great time and love how you were able to capture our personality in each picture. We are so excited that you guys are going to capture our wedding day next June! Thanks for everything you have done so far Matt and Nat!

    3. Dad & Sue says:

      Love these pics and both of you! These really show your love for each other and how happy you are. Can’t wait to be a part of your special day.

    4. Mom says:

      Great Picture’s I Love them!! Matt and Nat did a great job capturing you both. I am so happy and excited for you both!! Love You both so much!!

    5. Sarah says:

      These turned out fabulous! I can’t wait to see the pictures from their wedding day!! (Even if it is a ways away). I’ve only known Heather and Shawn for a few years, but these pictures really seemed to capture them!

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