Engagement on the Farm – Rachel & Andy

post by nat

Rachel & Andy chose Andy’s family farm for the start of their engagement shoot and so we met them there on the very beautiful last day of May 2012. They’re getting married later this year and we had a wonderful afternoon getting amazing shots of these two and getting to know who they are. We really loved hanging out with you guys and are so excited to be a part of you big day!

Andy’s dad brought this bale over for the beginning of the photo shoot.

They’re all smiles.

Matt grabbed this sweet shot before we went for a walk in the fields.

See how wonderful the day was!

Rachel’s stunning bling.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I spent year of my life living on the prairie, but I really think wheat fields are beautiful……maybe it’s just me….

They are adorable.

Rachel you are seriously gorgeous!

Boy & girl.

I think she’s flirting with him ;)

There were so many amazing spots around the farm.

Love me some afternoon sun for a beautiful couple.

And then Andy says, let’s go find the stream in the woods. Yes, please!

After an outfit change, we headed to Lancaster County Park.

Everything is lush and green and a perfect backdrop for Rachel & Andy.

Matt utilizing the fisheye :)

Lovin Rachel’s heels!

Seriously cute.

Some evening light.

You two are so sweet!

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    1. Ann Place says:

      Loved the pics! Lots of lush greenery. Her engagement ring is really beautiful! They make a lovely couple. You two do a fabulous job…what a team!! Love viewing your posts!

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