Cornwall Iron Furnace Engagement Session – Tiffany & Jarrod

post by matt

We met Tiffany & Jarrod on a Sunday afternoon. Tiffany was a bridesmaid in Eileen & Walt’s wedding back in July, so we had already had a chance to work with her. It’s always nice to work with someone who already knows how we work. Tiffany and Jarrod were so comfortable in front of the camera right from the start.

Matt and I have been wanting to shoot in Cornwall for a long time, so when Tiffany asked for suggestions on where to do their E Session, we gladly suggested there. There is so much character around this little town, and we think it suited Tiff & Jarrod. Congrats guys! We’re really excited about your wedding :)

Tiffany, I love your laugh!

We ‘borrowed’ someone’s gate for this one

Love Matt’s angle on this one

And this one

One of my favorites


They’re just perfect

How fantastic is fall?!

Just stunning you guys, love it!

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    1. M. Joshua says:

      I really appreciate the vertical reach of the photo with the giant stone “step wall.” The ring isolated on the gate is brilliant, too. :)

      PS. I had a great time with you guys on Wednesday!

    2. Kaila says:

      The pictures look amazing so far! I love love love the one in which the sun is shining through the fall colored tree and you two are to the side; it’s so pretty!

    3. Tiffany Shue says:

      LOVE the photos! Thanks guys, you did an awesome job! I can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding in May!

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