Central Park Rockford Plantation Engagement – Hannah & Ed

post by nat

We have known Hannah for quite a few years now and were thrilled when she texted us to ask about wedding photography :) We hadn’t met Ed yet, so we were excited to meet the guy that captured her heart.

Last fall as they were driving Hannah saw a green leather sofa on the side of the road and commented to Ed that she’s decided that for  ‘her’ wedding she wants to collect cute sofas she finds and set them at ‘her wedding’ for guests to lounge and enjoy the outdoors. She remembers being slightly disappointed that the sofa was gone the next day when they drove by, but quickly forgot about it.

Fast forward to early spring this year. Hannah knew that Ed was going to propose soon because they had designed the ring together, but little did she know that he would change his plans last minute and surprise her. It was so last minute in fact that he recruited a roommate to help him set the stage in the wee hours of the morning before Hannah arrived for breakfast at his house. After breakfast they decided to go for a walk, Ed insisted that they go to Middle Creek to walk a trail he had found. Middle Creek was not even on Hannah’s radar of places that Ed might propose.

They walked along the trail, sometimes seeing a recently vacated campfire, or a log bench and then came across a clearing with a green leather sofa facing the creek. Ed was so excited to have found the clearing and tried to convince Hannah to cross a log that just so happened to be laying across the creek right there. She was hesitant knowing that someone had probably had that set up as their private area and didn’t want to bother anyone, or take their special spot. She was thinking about how embarrassing it would be to be chased away :)

When she finally caved to his request he asked, ‘Will you go on this adventure with me?’ and she sighed and said yes and followed him over to the green sofa. So they sat on the green sofa for about 15 minutes and just watched other people pass on the other side – runners, dog walkers, a little boy saving his grandma from bad guys with his trusty stick. When they got up to leave Ed dropped to his knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket and said, ‘Will you Marry me?’.

After Hannah had said yes, Ed asked if she recognized the sofa. Yes, it was the same one from last fall that he had gone back to pick up and hid in his garage waiting for the right moment to propose to Hannah! And as they were making their way back across the log she suddenly remembered the question he had asked her to begin with and turned around to answer. ‘Yes, I will go on this adventure with you!!’.

I for one can’t wait to see how that green sofa makes an appearance at their wedding :)

Spring in the park is always amazing, but Hannah & Ed had the perfect evening for their pictures!




Thankfully these two are adventurous and wandered into the ‘forest’ for us ;)


It was totally worth it!




Hannah & Ed.


Hannah you are stunning!


A glimpse at her lovely engagement ring.


Just hanging out in the park.


I think Hannah looks a little mischievous in this one….


I so love her engagement ring! They designed it and set the diamonds in rose gold….love, love, love.


Gorgeous right?!


A quick outfit change and into the field we went.


I love this one, can’t you just hear her laughing?!




With her Ed.


Pure joy.


And they like to have some fun too….



A beautiful couple, can’t wait for your wedding later this year!!


Congrats guys, we’re so looking forward to the wedding!