Becci & Cody, Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

post by matt

So, we were supposed to meet Becci & Cody in Gettysburg in September for their E Session…..then Cody had a bit of a fall and broke his foot. Thankfully, it healed much faster than expected and we were able to still have a fall session. Oh, and to completely switch it up, we decided to go to Longwood Gardens.

We have had the best days for shooting this fall. Just awesome weather and super fun couple’s! We had a great time with Becci & Cody, wandering around the gardens and getting some awesome pictures. This was our first time to the gardens, and we will definitely be going back! Becci & Cody, it was fun getting to know you more! And we’re super excited for your wedding next year :)

We started inside because it was a bit chilly

It was fun shooting inside and feeling like we were outside!

FYI we are back outside, and it was cold (according to me), but Becci didn’t even hint at being cold!

I have this thing for shadow shots right now, loving them

Ummm, hello model, Becci you are beautiful!

I love this wall…..I want one for myself

After a quick outfit change, we were ready to wander outdoors more

Cute, cute, cute

Seriously, how awesome is this place?!

So, while Becci & Cody changed into their last outfit, we took her ring for a little shoot of it’s own, and it was fun! Here’s what happened while you guys were away :)

And here is the reason everyone wants pictures in the fall, it’s just stunning

Love these next two

Becci asked if we could do a silhouette shot, and of course we said yes. Matt found the perfect place for it don’t you think? This is just a sneak peek because there were so many we loved!

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