A Strasburg Railroad Engagement – Cory & Randy

post by matt

Cory & Randy chose Strasburg Railroad to have their engagement session, so we met them there on Sunday evening. These two are so chill and I think felt really comfortable in front of the lens. Cory absolutely rocks the serious look and Randy couldn’t help but smile every time he looked at her.

Cory’s son Jordan came along and we got a few shots with the three of them as well. Jordan of course was thrilled he got to play by the trains!

There you have it Randy smiling at his girl.

Through the train.

The advantages of going on a Sunday evening, no one around and plenty of props!

Loving her wedges :)

So here’s a little behind the scenes for you: this outfit change happened a bit sooner than expected due to some black grease finding it’s way onto Cory’s white sweater. Cory I was very impressed at how you just brushed it off like it was no big deal! And we just continued on….

A little bit of the evening light was peeking through the clouds.

I love this shot that Matt got with the tracks merging. Shall we say, two lives merging into one :)

Looks like he can make her smile too!

Stunning Cory.

While I took Cory’s engagement ring for it’s own shoot, Matt took them over to the field and got these next shots.

Cory’s brilliant engagement ring.

Jordan is such a cute kid :)

And we’ll end with a couple more sweet pictures of Randy & his girl.

Cory & Randy it was a pleasure spending some time with you and your family on Sunday! August is going to be lovely :)

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