A Beautiful Annapolis Engagement Session – Liz & Ryan

post by matt

I’m sitting in the car with the laptop right now writing this post. Our lives have been very much on-the-go as of late and we love it. Last Friday we met Liz & Ryan in Annapolis for their engagement session. Matt & I were first timers to the area, so we were really excited about shooting in such a beautiful place with such a beautiful couple.

We first met Liz & Ryan at Stacey & Jimmy’s wedding last year and at the time they weren’t engaged. It wasn’t long before Ryan popped the question and we heard from Liz that they were engaged. We started planning for their spring engagement session right away. Friday was a gorgeous spring day and because they had chosen 3 locations we started downtown Annapolis first. The streets were packed with people, but we wandered around and found some perfect backdrops for these two.

Then it was off to her uncle’s boat in the marina. The sun had dropped just enough to be fabulous and we honestly could have had the entire session in this location and been perfectly happy. Liz & Ryan were wonderful to work with and even managed to be themselves in front of an audience ;) To end the evening we ran down to the beach and they did a very convincing job hiding how cold it actually got!

Starting in the city.

5 minutes in and they are already working the camera.

The busy streets were just background noise for them.

The wedges were a good choice Liz :)

Love, love, love these next two. You guys are just adorable.

His girl.

To the marina.

Gorgeous eyes.

Then I got to climb to the top of the boat and grab a few shots from that vantage point.

These next couple have to be personal favorites of mine…..Liz & Ryan there are a whole series of these we can’t wait for you to see :)

Liz got this fabulous coat that was perfect for a few last pics at the marina.

Her stunning ring.

Liz + Ryan

A little walk on the beach.

A quite moment to end the night.

Liz & Ryan, we had so much fun and are thrilled to be part of your wedding next year!

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