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(mattnnat) Europe – Paris

Dear Paris, You were cold and wet and snowy. It wasn’t the trip I had imagined but I loved it anyways. You see people always comment on how romantic winter in Paris…

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An Epic Ugly Sweater Party

Last Saturday we kicked off the last month of 2012 with our second ever Open House. We decided to make it a little more fun and asked people to come in their favorite…

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Thanksgiving Reflection

Last night as I was laying awake in bed, coughing and sniffling and willing this cold to go away, I was reflecting on Thanksgiving and became a bit overwhelmed at how…

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The Mid Year Refresher

It’s 10:15pm and I just put the first of four loads of laundry in the dryer. It never fails that I completely freak out the night before we take any sort of time…

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Vacation in Cancun

Last week I left Matt at home and joined my sister in Cancun, Mexico. I was excited for the time off and to spend time with her. But when I got there Cancun surprised…

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New York City in April

I love the city. The lights, the people, the hustle & bustle, the unlimited choice of food & entertainment and the mix of cultures that just live life side by…

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